I have added a new and much extended version of tutorial 1.

I have added source and executables to tutorial 2 and furthermore I have added a tutorial about the use of particle systems.

Brian Smiths thesis on Simulating Curling and Breaking Waves is now online (check it out in the free books section). In the books section an additional section on game programming has been added. Andrea Esuli has published the source for it's Linsys3D plant generation programm. You can find the link in the download section.

Sean O'Neils second tutorial on the rendering of planetary bodies is now online.

Sean O'Neils tutorial on the simulation of planetary bodies was added. Thanks Sean.

A lot of new programs has been added to the download section. Gernot Zieglers has submitted the source and documentation for his L-system project (see tutorial 5).

New plant tutorial added to the tutorial section. This tutorial explains the basics of L-systems.

New product section started with Vue d'Esprit 4.0 You can also find a great demo of this program in the products section.

I have added some new images to the gallery.

Thanks a lot for the nice e-mails regarding the ocean wave tutorial. I will do my best to put the second part online as soon as possible. In the mean time check out the source code for tutorial 3. It covers also wave simulation and shows a much better implementation than mine ;-) I have also put a list online with the next planed tutorials. As you can see in this list, I will first present some basic tutorials in all major areas (water simulation, plant simulation,...) and then I will present more advanced tutorials in each area.
Next week I will also start with a PRODUCT section. In this section you will find descriptions of all major programs related to the topic of the site (with demo versions!).

Tutorial 2 (Ocean Waves) has been added to the tutorial section.

L-Studio and Vlab have been added to the download section - two of the best plant generation programs I know.

A forum section and a newsletter has been added.

A couple of new links (Robert Platt's Homepage, Dana's Gallery,...) has been added. They feature very interesting material on their sites!

New images added to the GALLERY section. I also started with a FREE BOOKS subsection in the BOOKS section. In the FREE BOOKS section I will put links to free books related to the simulation of nature. The first book I put there is "Visual Models of Morphogenesis: A Guided Tour" by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz et al. In this book you find a lot of information about all types of plant simulations - a great book.

Xenotopia - a project on artificial life has been added to the download section.

Our Internet provider had severe problems with its server and therefore the NatureWizard site could not be reached for a couple of hours - sorry for the inconvenience. I have added a nice boids like screen saver and a great 3D boids simulation to the DOWNLOAD section. In the PAPERS section you can find a new paper about the simulation of water waves. The rest of the submitted material will be added in the next days. If you have also some great papers, programs or tutorials related to nature, please send it to me.

18 new 3D models have been added to the 3D MODELS section.

Official start of the site. Although not all parts are finished, I hope that you get a rough impression about the idea behind this site. I have also added new programs to the download section as well as a new tutorial and new books.

Craig Reynolds BOIDS-Site added to the links-section.

LinSys3d added to the download section.

TerraGen added to the download section.

Gimp and Blender added to the download section.

34 Books added to the books section.

Currently this site is under construction. From time to time I will add some parts but don't expect the site to work before 1.10.2001. If you would like to contribute some material (papers, tutorials, images,...) it would be very welcome.